How much for a performance?

Depending on distance, duration, venue and needs of their clients, minimum fee is $800.

What time will the band arrive?

They usually arrive 1.5 hours prior to the event for set up and sound check. They can also work with their client to ensure a smooth transition if a pre-reception is involved.

How long will the band play?

Typically, they perform for 3-4 hours with 3 or 4 sets of 45-60 minutes of music with 10-15 minute breaks between each set; but can play less if needed. Recorded music can be played during break.

Can I decide which songs are played during the breaks?

Yes, they understand that audience members may enjoy a particular song or genre, and with sufficient notice, they can accommodate for that as well.

Do we need to have a stage or sound person?

No, they are aware that many venues don't have a stage or a house sound person. The band may bring their own sound person if needed, and can perform on a flat floor as well.

How much space do we really need for a 7-piece band?

Typically, 12' x 30' performance space is enough, however, they have adapted to as little as 10' x 20'.

Can we request a song during the performance?

As they want to maintain the quality and integrity of the performance, if it is a song they know well, of course. With advanced notice, they could work with their client to tailor an evening that works for everyone. 

Can I watch the band play live before I book?

If it is a public event, not a problem. As it is nice to watch the band before you book, Midnight Special may not live in your area. Hopefully, the reviews and videos will give you a sense of the professionalism in their performance. 

Does the band provide their own PA and lighting?


Will you perform outside?

Typically, yes; they even have a 20 x 20 professional pole tent which provides excellent shelter for the band if needed.