Show Dates

How much for a performance?

Depending on band configuration, distance, duration, event and needs of their clients, fees range from $500 up to $2500 for the full band.

What time will the band arrive?

It varies, but typically, they usually arrive 1.5 hours prior to the event for set up and sound check. They can also work with their client to ensure a smooth transition if a pre-reception is involved.

How long will the band play?

Typically, they perform for 3-4 hours with 3 or 4 sets of 45-60 minutes of music with 10-15 minute breaks between each set; but can play less if needed. Recorded music can be played during break.

Can I decide which songs are played during the breaks?

Yes, they understand that audience members may enjoy a particular song or genre, and with sufficient notice, they can accommodate for that as well.

Do we need to have a stage or sound person?

No, they are aware that many venues don't have a stage or a house sound person. The band may bring their own sound person if needed, and can perform on a flat floor as well.

How much space do we really need for a 7-piece band?

Typically, 12' x 30' performance space is enough, however, they have adapted to as little as 10' x 20'.

Can we request a song during the performance?

As they want to maintain the quality and integrity of the performance, if it is a song they know well, of course. With advanced notice, they could work with their client to tailor an evening of specific music that works for everyone. 

Can I watch the band play live before I book?

If it is a public event, not a problem. As it is nice to watch the band before you book, Midnight Special may not live in your area. Hopefully, the reviews and videos will give you a sense of the professionalism in their performance. 

Does the band provide their own PA and lighting?


Will you perform outside?

Typically, yes; they even have a 20 x 20 professional pole tent which provides excellent shelter for the band if needed. 

Compared to a DJ, what can Midnight Special offer?
Although DJ’s are cheaper and can meet a wide range of musical tastes in one night (pop, rock, rap, dance, contemporary), live bands are focused on delivering an inclusive, personal, and multi-sensory product that everyone will remember.  

A great band generates excitement and feeds it to the audience: live musicians are alive. They see the audience and the audience sees them. There is a personal connection; eye to eye, smile to smile. A live band can see what works, what motivates people to dance, what makes them happy. They deliver music as a gift – carefully created and hand delivered.

A great band is a special event, a sense of occasion. Your guests see people on stage; talented musicians who are ready to give their all for the audience’s enjoyment. This performance will be unique; no other party or bride will have exactly the same collection of tunes, comments and special memories. 

A great band will dress to impress.  They are great-looking people holding great -looking instruments, under great lighting. There is a certain wonder to seeing musicians; they hold the key to the magic of an evening. They deliver energy and enjoyment. 

A great band means the music does not have to stop. People often worry that the music and momentum stops the moment the musicians take a break. But great bands ensure that  music is available over the PA during the breaks. The momentum never ends, but the excitement always rebuilds when an audience sees a band return to the stage and pick up their instruments.

A great band has passion. Musicians love to play music and it shows. They live to deliver joy to audiences, and audiences pick up on this. It becomes part of the vibe of the moment and of the memories that last long after.

A great band is reliable. Working musicians are craftspeople, not divas or rock stars. They understand the importance of an event, and they understand that the event starts long before its actual date: planning and preparation are essential. A great band works hard to make its clients’ lives easier and stress-free by removing the worries about hiring a group of musicians. A great band shows up early, sets up and sound checks efficiently and with respect to others who are also setting up. They constantly monitor for satisfaction and take care to craft their performance in an agile way that rides the momentum of the event. Great bands are all about excellence in customer service throughout the entire multi-week life of an event.

Are great bands expensive? Well, they typically cost more than DJ's do, but they deliver more. A band of musicians represents decades of practice, education and experience in the business of delivering a quality product. Like a great catering company, chef, emcee or event planner, their value is in their experience and professionalism, and their price reflects that. Great bands need never be prohibitively expensive; but they do deliver above and beyond what they charge. They deliver a very human and very tangible emotional product that is more than just music. It is an integral part of the event itself.